The Entrepreneur Ship goes Net Zero!

22nd April 2021

By David Murray

In #worldearth month we are pleased to celebrate our sponsorship from Blue Marble – ensuring that we can proudly say that our row will be “Net Zero”. Find out more about this environmental partnership firm from Henry Waite, CEO and Co-Founder, and why they are helping us raise money for UnLtd.


Blue Marble is delighted to be supporting David & Guy and “The Entrepreneur Ship” in their record-breaking Atlantic challenge. At this early stage, we are in the process of measuring the likely total emissions, enabling the production of a full greenhouse gas report detailing the carbon footprint and identifying opportunities for reduction. With our support, the team will soon be deciding which scheme to use in order to compensate for unavoidable emissions through carbon removal. Following this implementation, the final step of the process will be to carry out a look-back strategy. This will enable us to include any greenhouse gas emissions that weren’t able to be reported initially.


David & Guy’s challenge caught our imagination in multiple ways, including their aspiration to support UnLtd – the preeminent social entrepreneur support network. Factors affecting climate change can only be addressed through technology and action and social entrepreneurs are in the vanguard in this battle.


Blue Marble is an environmental partnership firm based in Exeter, Devon. We offer a platform and partnership service to help organisations and events understand and address their greenhouse gas emissions, providing an accessible solution to achieving Net Zero.


Our team includes expertise from all corners of the climate change sector, from facilitating renewable energy projects to oceanography. We all share the same passion for making climate change solutions accessible to everyone. Working closely with our partners to understand their questions and meet their needs, we offer our support consistently throughout the process of going Net Zero and beyond.


The Blue Marble process is broken down into three stages: Measure, Reduce and Remove.


Measure carbon footprint: Our process begins by developing an understanding of our partners’ sources of emissions. From here, we provide a personalised data capture sheet allowing us to accurately quantify and track current greenhouse gas emissions. This informs a detailed greenhouse gas report, developed using the highest global industry standards, ISO 14064, which forms the basis of the journey towards Net Zero.


Reduce emissions where possible: Strategies and recommendations for reducing emissions are set out in our greenhouse gas reports. With advice and guidance from our team, partners reduce their overall emissions year-on-year by focusing on enhancing energy efficiency and other areas for improvement highlighted by ourreport.


Remove with nature-based solutions: For those unavoidable emissions, an equivalent volume of carbon will be removed through nature-based solutions in the UK. We appreciate that there is scepticism around carbon offsetting schemes; often projects are based outside of the UK and there is uncertainty surrounding their functionality and true benefits. This is why we believe in prioritising projects within the UK, which are focused on direct carbon removal. Our proximity to the beautiful South West Coast gives us an inherent appreciation of what the ocean has to offer, with potential in Blue Carbon schemes, such as sea kelp farming.


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