We estimate that the costs of the challenge, including entry fees, boat acquisition (less resale value), transportation, equipment, food and training will be in the region of £100,000. In addition, we plan to raise at least £150,000 for charity from our accredited business sponsors. This means a total sponsorship raise of a minimum of £250,000.

The above excludes the charity fundraising from the general public which will commence in early 2021, boosting the amount raised for charity by a further £100,000 (to a minimum total target of £250,000) and, hopefully, much, much more.

Sponsors will be businesses (or perhaps individuals) who are engaged with and are supportive of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. We have already reached an agreement with a leading crowdfunding platform who will support our fundraising from the investor community. Other sponsors are likely to include, for example, a challenger bank, an accountancy firm, a law firm, an accounting software provider, CRM and other tech suppliers etc.

For further information about sponsorship, or to discuss how you or your business can get involved, please contact Guy Rigby on 07836 285522 or by email at guys@mail.com

The benefits associated with such a sponsorship will be:

  • A clear and high-profile demonstration of the sponsor’s engagement and support for entrepreneurship and the organisations that support it.
  • Association with other sponsors, who will be complementary and known brands that work with and support entrepreneurship.
  • Branding and awareness from the significant press coverage generated by both the team and the event.
  • Prominent positioning of the sponsor’s logo on the "The Entrepreneur Ship".
  • Prominent positioning of the sponsor’s logo on the team's website, including a link to the sponsor and its products and services.
  • Inclusion of the sponsor's logo on clothing prior to and during the race, subject to any overriding requirements of the race titleholder.
  • A regular flow of news and updates for use by the sponsor in both internal and external marketing materials, including the unrestricted use of the rowers’ names, the team's logo and identity.
  • Inclusion of the sponsor's name and logo in all press releases.
  • Access to the team's photo library, including video and images to be taken both before, during and after the race for use in the sponsor's own internal and external communications.
  • Rower attendance and speaking at sponsor's events, including access to the boat and an organised rowing day in an accessible location, by arrangement.

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