The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge has a dedicated media team to maximise coverage and exposure around the world.

Official film crews and photographers are present at the race start and finish to capture key visual assets that are distributed all over the globe. Press releases and video news reels (VNRs) are produced for each team, always ensuring there is a steady stream of content to be ‘consumed’ by global media.

The Entrepreneur Ship will have technology on board to enable footage to be sent directly from the ocean. This will provide a regular update of our lives on the high seas, providing content that will be immensely valuable for both the media and our sponsors.

Here are some media statistics from the 2019/20 race:

  • 50+ accredited media teams
  • TV coverage
    • 60+ global broadcasts
    • Over 42m viewers
  • Press coverage
    • 732 articles
    • 884m readers reached
  • Digital media
    • 3600+ estimated total posts
    • 150m+ estimated potential reach
  • Race website and race tracker
    • Over 3.5m views

As part of the above, there was significant activity on Facebook, Facebook Livestream, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, with over 21m people engaged.

Finally, we will employ our own PR professional and launch our own media campaign in Q2 of 2021. This will cover our preparations for the race, including our general fitness training and our planned training rows around the South Coast of England, culminating in the race itself and continuing through to the Spring of 2022.